Multiple Historian Providers

Hi, guys!

First, to explain the situation:
We have multiple tags with history turned on. The problem is that for most of them we need history no more than, let’s say 1-3 months back, but there are also tags we need the history for from the very beginning of the project. So what happens now is that we are keeping tons of unneeded information and overwhelming our database because of a few tags.
I couldn’t find a solution reading through the manual and the forum.
So, my question - is there any easy way to achieve this? A hard one is also welcomed :wink:


Create different History Providers.
I have several running at the same time due to the same issue.

Then change the data pruning at the bottom to purge the data as you want.

Then just select the History Provider in the Tag editor.


Thank you for the quick response, Chris!

Only thing that is not clear to me is how to add new history providers. Do I have to create new databases for the purpose? From what I’ve read, I gather that providers are automatically created.
Also, when I move the tags to a new provider, will I be able to keep the history to this moment and how do I accomplish this?


Yes, you have to create new database connections.

By default, they “enable” the SQLTags Historian. I turn it off if not required (Mainly to limit the selections available in Designer).

After you change the History Provider, I am not sure you will have access to that data easily. Not sure if Ignition will delete the data or if EasyChart will show both
ie: [old History]Tag… and [New History]Tag
Not sure if you will have to purge unwanted data manually…

Hopefully someone else knows that answer.


Thank you very much, Chris! Now I have a direction about the different providers :slight_smile:
As for the history data itself, I’ve played around with several issues, so I have some things in mind. I will post my progress when I make some.
Thanks again!