Multiple Ignition Version in same device [PC, laptop]

Hello Team,

Currently i have installed the following Ignition[8.1.20]version in my device

If i want another version of the ignition[Ignition Edge] to be installed in same device, is that possible?

If its possible can you please tell me the procedures how to do that?

If you set up a vm for the second install, you won't have to worry about overlapping file structures.

so, having 2 different version of ignition in same device is not possible??
The only option is going with VM or additional device and use another version.

I didn't say it was impossible; I'm just saying that if I were to do it, I would use VMs. It's a simple and clean way to accomplish this.

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Install into a different folder. Commission with different ports for http, https, and GAN. After startup, also change ports for other conflicts, like the OPC UA server's endpoint. Manually hunt down any other port conflicts and/or folder conflicts.

Or use a container or VM environment to keep your development files compatible with your (possibly future) deployment environment.

Installing locally in your own workstation is only appropriate for short-lived training situations.