Multiple Issues with Ignition Edge as Local HMI with Remote Ignition GW Historian


I am having some difficulty using the edge platform, which may stem from a lack of understanding of the concept. What follows is my points of confusion:

  1. From the architecture diagrams/brochures, it seemed as though i could run the project from a main gateway, and have it fail over to a HMI local to the site. I can’t find any documentation on how to do this, and have not found a way to do it from trial and error. Is my understanding fundamentally incorrect perhaps? That is, does the project need to reside on both machines? I know the Enterprise Network module offers the ability to deploy projects remotely, but (see 2) this has other problems associated.

  2. Following from point 1, if you wanted to run the same project on both machines, is there a easy way to consolidate them so i don’t need to manage two versions of the same project. The reason i seem to need two projects is because every reference to any tag providers need to be updated depending on the context (gateway) from where it is being launched (ie, it is called [edge] on the edge gateway and [{something else}] at the main ignition gateway).

  3. How can i use alarms generated in the edge gateway to send emails from the main gateway using the main gateways email profile? Yes it would be preferable to have these come directly from site, but for various reasons, the edge server will not be able to access the SMTP server.

  4. I am currently syncing data between edge and main gateways inasmuch as it says its all working. However, i can’t see any data from the gateway at all. I could not find the tables that were supposedly being written to either (i.e. the history partitions), so i don’t think this is working.

I have followed the instructions at
to get to where i am at now, but i can’t find any more detailed info anywhere.

If someone could please clarify how to resolve any/all the above issues, it would be greatly appreciated.

Since I have basically said “i followed the instructions and it doesn’t work” i expect to be requested for more information, so please let me know if there is any other info i can provide that will help.