Multiple Lines on Chart Graphics

I am having trouble working with the Ignition Chart. I have posted a video on youtube just to show you what issue I am having: …

As you can see I am trying to plot a trend graph with the chart object. There should only be two continuous lines, but there are multiple streaks as the graph updates itself. I can’t seem to fix this problem.

The data is from the Ignition Historian that is reading OPC tags and storing them to a database. The chart then reads the database data based off a SQL Query that is updated based on the stated conditions.

I think the problem is that I am updating the Chart’s SQL Query data set too quickly and it is plotting over and over again?

Let me know if there is a way to fix this issue with the charts. The current version of my ignition platform is 7.6.6 and it is running on windows 7 32 bit.



Replace sim_time with t_stamp in the query or add t_stamp as the first column

Add “ORDER BY t_stamp”

The purpose of the graph is to plot data against the simulated time (sim_time).

I still don’t understand why are they mutliple lines that make up one trend line on the graph or how to fix it…

Anyone have any other suggestions?


Can you show us the graph

Did the youtube link work in the first post? …

let me know if it doesn’t work.

It seems like a recreation of the historian/database made it work again…
I guess problem solved!

Ah sorry damon, I didn’t see the link, looks funky, glad its sorted.