Multiple modules using a 3rd party library with different versions

Is it possible that this cause an issue? I assume my software com.bowery.scada running in the same process with 3rd party module com.cirruslink.mqtt.engine.gateway, and they load different version of HikariCP

bowery@bf-bwi-1-ignition-1:/opt/bowery/robotics/ignition$ sudo find . |grep -i hikari

I had a hiccup in my code

public class HikariConfig extends AbstractHikariConfig
   static {
      JavassistProxyFactory.initialize(); << ExceptionInInitializerError

does it make sense? if so, what workaround i should take?

Modules are loaded in their own independent ClassLoader, I wouldn't expect the HikariCP dependency from the MQTT module to cause any problems.

You could verify this yourself by uninstalling the MQTT module or testing on an Ignition Gateway without them.