Multiple monitor support

I’m not quite sure if this should go here or in the Feature Request area. I would like to run 2 clients on one dual-screen PC, with each client maximised to a different screen. Is this possible?


You can certainly maximize client windows on both screens. If you have issues or need more flexibility, you’ll want to install the utility that comes with your video drivers (ATI or NVidia reference, as appropriate).

As far as the “web start full screen” project property, which I believe uses “Java Full-Screen Exclusive Mode” - I’m not sure…Carl, Colby, Kevin, or Travis?

To clarify, the request here is to run not in maximized but in full-screen exclusive mode on more than 1 monitor. That is, have 2 clients, each on FSE mode on a different screen.

This is technically possible, but currently FactoryPMI doesn’t have any way for you to specify to go into full-screen mode on anything but the primary monitor. Consider the feature requested.

Yeah to run multiple monitors, your vendor should have an option to extend ur desktop to another monitor, something like that, which is different then horizontally scaling your desktop. I dont have the exact terms, but i think the vendor tools need to be involved. Ill verify when I get time, but I have done this before