Multiple monitors and Tab navigation

Using the tab navigation feature when I open multiple monitors, I’ve discovered that the navigation tabs on the primary monitor will change the displayed page for ALL monitors. If I click on one of the other monitor’s tab navigation, they all perform correctly only changing their own screen.

Here’s the code I’m using to call up multiple monitors, it’s a very minor tweak from the example listed in the user manual.

[code]# Get the screen information for all of your monitors.

The getScreens() function returns a dataset of the index (0 based), width, and height for each monitor.

screensDataset = system.gui.getScreens()

Open the first window of the project in the (current) primary monitor

screenIndex = screensDataset[0][0]
monitorNum = screenIndex + 1
#primaryScreenText = ‘This is Monitor %d’ %monitorNum
#system.nav.swapTo(‘Main Windows/Station Overview’)

Step through all of the screen information, starting with index 1 instead of 0.

for screenDetails in screensDataset[1:]:
# unpacks the tuple that is returned for each of the monitors present. Consists of screen index, width, and height of the screen.
screenIndex, screenWidth, screenHeight = screenDetails
monitorNum = screenIndex + 1
screenText = “This is Monitor %d” %monitorNum

# Open an empty frame on the next monitor.
# assign a handle and apply the width/height for the monitor you are opening on
handleName = "Monitor %d" %monitorNum
system.gui.openDesktop(screen=screenIndex, handle=screenText, width=screenWidth, height=screenHeight, windows=["Main Windows/Station Overview", "Navbar"])

# Open the Main Window on this new desktop and pass the parameters needed
system.nav.desktop(handleName).swapTo('Main Windows/Station Overview')


Can anyone tell if I’ve done something wrong?

In the meantime I’ve deleted the tab navigation and put rectangles with the “Swap” navigation action when the mouse is released (which creates the following code in the script editor).

[code]# This script was generated automatically by the navigation

script builder. You may modify this script, but if you do,

you will not be able to use the navigation builder to update

this script without overwriting your changes.

system.nav.swapTo(‘Main Windows/Station Overview’)

Check that the navigation tab strips aren’t bidirectionally bound to the CurrentWindow system tag.

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Yes, that’s exactly what it was, the “Selected Tab” property was bound to the CurrentWindow tag. :blush: I had copied and pasted it from another project, but when I just made the tab strip fresh it worked correctly.