Multiple network adapters and FactoryPMI 2.0

If you have multiple network adapters with static IP addresses (or multiple IP addresses bound to a single adapter, not counting loopback), I would recommend that you manually specify which one FactoryPMI uses. This is a precautionary measure to eliminate confusion. To do this:

  1. Open the gateway configuration page
  2. Select the Cluster page
  3. Under the Advanced pane uncheck Autodetect Bind Interface
  4. Under the Advanced pane type the IP address under Bind Interface. DNS addresses will work fine.

Article on Multihomed systems (2 NICs) on a private network here.
Article on exposing an FPMI Gateway on the Internet behind a NAT or port forward setup here

UPDATE - this post is somewhat outdated as of FactoryPMI 3.1.0 with the new Standalone Mode that takes care of most of these issues for you. This info is still relevant for clusters in these network situations.