Multiple Network Interface on Communication

Hello. We have a project that includes more than 400 IP based devices.
In Ignition server, we have 4 different NICs.

Can we select different NIC Interface on communication settings in Ignition?
(Because of perfomane issues) or
What do you suggest us for separate network traffic ?

If your NICs are on separate subnets, they will get the appropriate traffic. If you have multiple NICs on the same subnet, you should consider bonding (link aggregate grouping) instead of independent IP addresses.

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In addition to what Phil said, we recently went through all of Ignition’s TCP-based device drivers where this would be appropriate and added a “Local Address” setting that can be used to choose a NIC by setting the local bind address to its assigned IP address.

That said, I don’t think you need to worry about it. I have not seen any system with 400+ devices that would generate more traffic than a single NIC can handle. The only time I’ve seen Local Address need to be set is on Windows systems with broken/overlapping routing tables that send traffic out on the wrong NIC.