Multiple Networks - OPC and Designer

This seems like an easy problem to solve with a magic button somewhere?, but I probably don't know the correct term to find it after hours of searching.

I have a computer running ignition that sits on the OT and IT network via hardwire and wireless connection; with mobile robots also using the IT network for now.

  • The mobile robots need to use OPC server, but I can't get access via the wifi connection
  • I can ping the mobile robots from the ignition computer, and access their internal web servers.
  • I can't use Ignition Designer via the IT connection;( I don't think the clients can open via the IT network either, but that was a 5 minute test)

OT is set as, and IT is the fixed address in All the settings I've found in the gateway are either localhost, hostname, or

Are you talking about OPC server settings? What version of Ignition is this?