Multiple Op Alarming

I’m very new to Ignition and am still working through the online training. However, I have a
project that I’m working on that requires me to send out a email notification to a group when a button is pressed, then a second notification to a person in the group. Once that individual acknowledges the alarm I need it to send an alert to the next person in the chain and continue the pattern until the end user finishes the task and turns the button off. I was thinking this could probably be done in the alarm pipeline using scripting blocks, but I’m still new to scripting so I’m not sure how. I also tried by adding several tags and when one changes values to off after being on it will send a value to the next tag. That worked but in the acknowledge event script it won’t let me write to a tag so I’m not sure how to clear that particular alarm once acknowledged. I’ve thought of sending each person a url and having a button that’s scripted to clear that alarm and send to the next person, but not sure this is the best way to do this either.

Thank you for any assistance!!!