Multiple PDF Viewer

Hi together,

I have a table where I have in each row a filepath of a PDF document and some further information about it.
When I select a row in this table, I want to show the PDF in TWO PDF Viewer. Why two?
In one of the viewer I want to show the complete document. The user can zoom and scroll.
In the other one I would like to show only one specific page.

So I tried the following script:

If Icomment out line 5, my 'PDF Viewer' shows the file.
If Icomment out line 4, my 'PDF Viewer Small' shows the file.

So far so good.
But if I take the script like above, only the PDF Viewer which comes first in the script, shows the PDF.

What I already tried and checked:

  • Both 'filePath' are correct and exactly the same.
  • If I swap line 4 and 5 again only the PDF Viewer which comes first shows the PDF.
  • If I fill write to one filePath just "" and to the other one the correct pdfPath it works fine.

Is there any solution to update multiple PDF Viewer at the same time with the same pdfPath?

Slowly I begin to doubt myself.

Hopefully you can help me.


Hmmm. Might be some file locking going on. Consider reading the file as bytes and assigning the bytes to each viewer.

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