Multiple Popups

Ignition Perspective is not allowing to view multiple popups on single view/session. Is there any setting which will change this behavior. ?
I tried both script and popup actions from a Button click.

Yes, it allow. Do you want to open two popup from the same one button? Click once or twice? Here is an action settings named Background dismissible, did you enable it? (default is disable).

2 buttons and each opens one Popup. Click on Button1 -> Open Popup -> Keep it aside, -> click on Button2 -> Open Popup2.

Background dismissible is closing the active popup on clicking anywhere outside.

I tested just now, there must be something missed, could you show images for your config.

The Id you assign when you open the popup must be unique, otherwise, it will only allow a single instance.

There are several posts that discuss this,


If your Popups share the same ID, then opening a second will close the first. (edit: completely untrue) Also, if you have the Popup configured to be background dismissible - and you then click in the background - then you're dismissing the first popup.


Perhaps you copied the button and not rename the ID.