Multiple Project Inheritance scripting issue/bug

I’ve got a project that is setup as such

Project > Parent #2 > Parent #1

Where Parent #1 is the main parent project, Parent #2 inherits from Parent #1 and Project inherits from Parent #2.

Within the Parent #2 project I have overriden a script in Parent #1. When I look at that script in Project, it doesn’t show the result of the overriden script, but the script from Parent #1. However, when I call the script it does what is overriden in Parent #2.

I would expect to see the overriden script from Parent #2 rather than #1.
Is this a known issue?

Known and fixed issue. It didn’t quite make the cutoff for 8.0.5, but it’s fixed in the nightly builds and will be in 8.0.6.

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Thanks @PGriffith. I figured as much I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing something big.

I appreciate the update.