Multiple Project Instances Opening

I have Ignition 7.6.1 installed on an XP computer with the OEM Vision Panel Edition license. I have a shortcut to a link similar to the one below in the Windows Startup Folder. I have used this method many times with versions 7.5 and earlier without any issues. When the computer boots up, it opens two instances of the project. I am in the process of adding the Serial Module Client, and the second instance causes an issue since the COM port is already in use by the first. Any ideas?

IPAddress:8088/main/system/launc … mName.jnlp

In addition the issue mentioned above, the page also opens twice when it is opened from the Gateway home page or the shortcut that is automatically placed on the desktop.


That is really strange. Let’s try one more thing: if you launch the jnlp from the command line, does it still launch twice?

Try saving the jnlp (you might need to right click and “save target as” or something), and then open the command line, go to it, and run:

javaws your.jnlp


That worked! I created a batch file, and I am now opening the project by calling the batch file. Thanks.