Multiple Projects - Multiple IP addresses

If I bind multple IP addresses to a NIC, is it possable to bind certain projects to certain IP addresses.

No, you can only the entire gateway.

Suggestion to do it.

That way yuo can have an external IP that only gets certain projects.

You can try running multiple gateways.

Can I run multiple Gateways with the same license.

I plan on using a USB license key.

If you don’t care about having a pretty list for each IP range, and just want to restrict certain projects from use, use the scripting calls to detect the IP range the client is on and give them permissions to the project or not based on that?

I can do that and build a SQL table with addresses and allowable projects.

And check IP address on start a direct them to the initial project.

That way I can publish a public web page with view only access to certain pages.

All those ideas with scripting work.

We’ve been throwing around the idea of a hosted version that would support what you’re discussing and a lot more. It’s more a matter of a focused near term development path than lack of interest.

I really like hearing what you, the customers, really want. This is what drives our innovation.

I’d have a single Ignition Gateway as a ‘back-end’ system, and have an apache front-end to present the correct options to the correct IP addresses, with launch links into the Gateway.