Multiple reports on screen, printing without popup

I have a screen where there are 4 different reports. Currently I have checkboxes for which reports the user wants to print. So if they place a checkmark in reports 1 and 3 they get reports 1 and 3. However each time a report is selected for print the print dialog box comes up.

Is there a way in the code to either:

  1. keep the dialog box from being displayed.


  1. add 2 reports together so it appears to the printer as 1. ( I have tried AND and +) + does not work comes up with error, AND only prints the last report.

Hope I have made this clear.

table1 = event.source.getComponent("JobTask") table2 = event.source.getComponent("Cover Sheet") table2.print() table1.print()

The above code is what I have, like I said the print dialog box comes up for each. So I either want to add the tables together so they look like one and only supply one print dialog box or not have the dialog box come up at all.

Thanks and have a great day.

You can supress the print dialog box on a report by calling the function
print(String printerName, boolean showDialog)

If you want the computer’s default printer, use None as the printer name, like this:

report.print(None, 0)

Or to specify a printer:

report.print("HP LaserJet", 0)