Multiple rows for one date in a report table

Is it possible to have multiple rows in a report table from a single datasource row, or merge rows with the same date? I put together this mockup to show what I mean; it’d be even better if the date could be centered vertically. I know there’s lots of workarounds, I’m just wondering if this is possible.

Depends on your query but if it is MS SQL, you could CAST the Date to date and then group by it.

CAST(MyDateField as date) as RecordDate,SUM(Well1) as Well1,SUM(Well2) as Well2
GROUP BY CAST(MyDateField as date)

You could do this with a single table with unstructured rows, and a simple table inside of it, but it’s not going to be “pretty”. It would probably be easier to maintain by putting the records together as @MMaynard suggested, then “blanking out” the Site 2 date cell on the alternate row version.