Multiple rows with different timestamp in sqlth_partitions


I could see multiple entries with same pname in sqlth_partitions but with different time stamp.


If this is a problem, what should i have to modify?

so this isn't causing an observable issue... You are just wanting to know if this is normal?

I just know whether this is normal or we have to take any corrective measures.

Where is the pname list coming from?

From sqlth_partitions table , and i have used biweekly parition

If pname is a primary key, the database shouldn't be allowing that.

This table will be created automatically right?
it do not have a primary key

This is the partitions table. Ignition uses it to cross partition boundaries when using Ignitions provided historical functions.

Are the start_time and end_time columns also identical?
Have you been making adjustments to your history settings?

The table is created and maintained by Ignition.

Changing it manually can break things.

start_time and end_time are not identical.

I would not be concerned. If Ignition isn't complaining and your not observing any issues with gaps in data or unexpected returns, then probably best to assume all is well.

Otherwise I would call support and have them look through it and verify that all is well.