Multiple Selection Dropdown

Hi all,

I would like to know which direction would be the easiest. I want to use multiple dropdown lists to assign operators to different machines for each shift. I have a SQL list that I can query with all the operators and their usual shifts. When you select one data in a multiple dropdown list, it is no longer available, which is great. I would like to show only the operators that have not been selected on other machines in all the dropdown lists.

For example, if Machine_1 has Alex working on it, when I open the dropdown for Machine_2, Alex should not be available anymore.

I thought of using a WHERE clause in my SQL query to exclude all operators that are selected in the other dropdown lists, but that would mean I would have to create 50 inputs for each dropdown. So, I would like to know if someone knows an easier way i just started so you think i should change my structure let me know.


Thank you.

What database (MySQL, MS-SQL, etc.) are you using?

The database i use is MS-SQL.

Can you use something like,

  FROM NameList
 WHERE Name NOT IN ("Alice", "Bob", "Charlie")

The NOT IN list could be generated by an expression function combining all the already selected names.

I'm sure there's a better way to do it such as drag and drop names from a list into the machines - but it might not be so easy in Perspective.

Ya good I will try to creat the list (("Alice", "Bob", "Charlie")) in a label and use 1 input.
Thank You