Multiple Series On Chart with Discontinuous Time Stamps

I have a dataset that I would like to make a chart out of, but I am having trouble figuring out the most efficient way to do it. In the dataset, I am:

Returning a string combination (date, line, shift, and upc) and efficiency which is calculated using some joins

Grouping by the date (which could have multiple runs), line, shift, and upc

The result, simply, looks like below

11/20/2016 A 95
11/20/2016 A 92
11/21/2016 B 97
11/22/2016 A 84
11/23/2016 A 80
11/23/2016 B 98

In the classic chart, I could do some scripting to get the identifiers as unique columns and update the dataset, but then if they do not run the line on that day and i force it to null, it creates a break in the line graph.

In the easy chart, I thought about dynamically adding pens, but I don’t think I can do the join or group by feature for the pens?

Any suggestions?