Multiple Server Template Synchronization

We currently have a number of servers/gateways running to handle all our IO and projects. We have a development, production, and a few data servers. Each data server has its own UDTs, so if you change one, you have to remember to copy it to the others and hope that they are synced well enough and nothing breaks. The same goes for shared templates and scripts, they don’t synchronize and are easy to overwrite.

  1. has anyone found a good way to make one server have the “master” UDTs and have the changes propogate out? I’d also like the secondary UDTs be blocked out so its obvious you shouldn’t / can’t edit them.
  2. Same philosophy for Shared Templates. Unlike scripts, as soon as you open a shared template (via double click), it creates an override instance of it. It should default to Read-Only but it does not so many of our shared templates are orphaned for no reason. The longer we let this go, the more reluctant people will be to rectify and re-synchronize the shared templates.

If anyone has a good management system for any of the above, please let me know.

Thanks everyone.

I feel your pain. This only covers part of it, but we have a master server and inheritable project (projects might be better) with all our shared templates and scripts. We don’t override instances and go to the master to make changes/additions when needed. We then distribute to the rest of the gateways in a couple clicks with an EAM task.