Multiple Sessions Possible on Workstation?

Our SCADA dev team launched a new Ignition (Perspective) SCADA for a boiler system but ran into a problem. The boiler system has several generators, so on the generator page, there is a little drop down that allows you to select which generator is being viewed. We used indirect tags to accomplish this. The SCADA uses two monitors, so we launch the SCADA via Workstation, set up so that each monitor launches its own page (via Page Config), but because a single tag is being referenced, if Generator 1 is selected on Monitor 1, Generator 2 cannot be selected on the other. Is there a way to open multiple Persp. sessions on Workstation? We've tried using workstation for one session, and Chrome for another, but run into other issues. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

You need to use session props, not tags, for this kind of thing. You are already running multiple sessions, but tags are global, so this is a flaw in your implementation.


Ok, I looked into this, and I misspoke...we ARE using session props: {session.custom.Generator}
In the tag, it looks like this: ToString(tag("[North_Plant]_BMU"+ ToString({session.custom.Generator}) + "/vBoilerOutlet")+" deg. F")

You're using a session property (which is used to build a tag), but you're using that session property across multiple pages. If you need each monitor to reference a different tag, then you can't build that tag from a session-scoped property - you need a property at the View or Page level (perhaps passed in as a param).

The main problem here is your use of a session-scoped property to drive Page-level behaviors.