Multiple Speeds in Scan Class

For scan classes is there a way to get more than two scan speeds, i.e. Slow Rate and Fast Rate. We have a process where we would like one rate for “Idling” (slow rate), one rate for “Energized” (faster rate), and a third rate for “Firing” (as fast as we can go).

Hi Kurt.

In the editor, in the Tag Browser you have a stop-watch icon, in there you can edit and manage scan classes.

There’s no way to do a third rate. Sounds like something to put on If I were to pursue something like this, I’d prefer to see the pace as a writable parameter of the scan class. I understand there are major changes coming in v8, too.

The scan class for a tag is editable with system.tag.editTag I’ve got several projects that change the scan class when needed. You’ll have to have something that runs a script to make the change automagical but it does work.