Multiple SQLTag Providers on one machine?

I’m confused (it doesn’t take much). As far as I understood, SQLTags is run by FactorySQL. When you configure the SQLTags Settings using the FactorySQL Configuration Client, you select which Data connection is to be used to store SQLTag data. This appears to say there can only be one per machine.

However, when you look at the Gateway Status / SQLTags page on the FactoryPMI Gateway, this lists a SQLTag Provider for every Datasource configured on the Gateway. In the FactoryPMI Designer, the data connection set as the Tag Source in FactorySQL is set as the Default, but the others are visible as well.

Can you help explain this apparent contradiction?

Hi Al,

It’s not exactly a contradiction… it’s just that FactoryPMI supports multiple tag sources and FSQL doesn’t. That means you could have several FactorySQLs operating against different databases, and a single FPMI could use them all as tag providers.

It just happens that FactoryPMI creates a “SQLTags Provider” for each DB connection you configure. This is probably unnecessary, since you rarely actually use more than one. And it’s not picking the “FactorySQL database” as the default, it’s just using the data connection specified as the project’s default.

We just decided somewhere along the way that FactorySQL would only support one SQLTags database, and we’d wait to see what the demand was for multiple. So far, there hasn’t really been much demand.

Hope that clarifies things a bit,