Multiple SQLTags Configurations

I am looking to run multiple (different) applications on my gateway for different customers. However, I noticed that the SQLTags configuration in FactorySQL only allows me to specify a single data connection. I am basically looking for a way to have each application have its own SQLTags configuration, where each different application is updating the sqlt_ tables in their respective databases. Can I achieve this by adding all the needed data connections to factorySQL and editing the appropriate sqlt_ tables in each individual database?


Currently FactorySQL can only drive one sqltags provider at a time. Usually this isn’t a hindrance, because in situations similar to what it sounds like you’re doing, FactorySQL normally gets installed at each location. If you think about it like a hub-and-spoke, FactoryPMI is the hub, and the FactorySQLs are the spokes.

If you’re trying to keep FactorySQL centralized and collect the data remotely, there isn’t currently a way to break out sqltags to multiple schemas.


Can I add a ‘clientId’ field (different value for each customer) to the necessary sqlt_ tables and update my scripts to return the appropriate data? I’m not sure if this would cause any problems with alerting and whatnot, but it seems like it may work.

You could add any columns you wanted, but I’m not sure what that would get you. Internally, most things are done based on the tag’s path- so it would probably be more effective to just use folder structures to organize things.

What kind of other scripts/queries are you running that might benefit from the column?


Well, we have scripts to display and update alarm setpoints, notification distribution groups, and a few other things. But, now that I am thinking more about this, it would probably be a bit of a headache for numerous unpredictable reasons.

Heh, I like this. Sounds like the intuition of an experienced engineer. "I'm not sure quite why, but I can sense that this will be bad..."