Multiple tag binding for one property


I’m trying to bind multiple tags to one “Numeric Text Field”
For example I have 3 tags(reTest1,reTest2,reTest3) that are double, so the property “Value(Double)” has to be binded with all 3 tags and with some buttons I can “navigate” through the 3 tags in my “Numeric Text Field”
When I click the Button1, my “Numeric Text Field” should show reTest1, if I click the Button2, my “Numeric Text Field” should show reTest2
And should be bidirectional

I tried creating in Custom Properties, an Integer (inTest) and bind my Value(Double) property with a expression:

This works changing my tag’s value (for example reTest3) but not the other way, if I change the value in my “Numeric Text Field” in the launched project, the tag doesn’t change his value

I don’t know if there is another way of doing this


You can not make those bidirectional, you’ll have to handle this with scripts.
An onchange script where you check which tag is being used to write back to it for example.

Create a string custom property to hold a tagpath. Use that tagpath property to indirectly bind your entry field. Each button’s actionPerformed script would then write its desired tagpath to that custom property.

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