Multiple tag bindings vs property binding?

8.1 vision.

If you have multiple items that have tag binding to the same tag when the page loads does it read for each binding? or when the page load does it detect the duplicates and only do one read?

extreme case example.

A) Page with 10,000 text fields all with binding to {tagx}
B) Property bound to {tagx} and 10,000 text fields all with binding to {propertyx}.

Not looking for answers on style / what is easier to maintain etc.. Just looking for page load time. Is option B) inherently faster due to only requiring 1 tag read?

Tag bindings establish subscriptions. When the value really arrives, all of the subscriptions get the value.

Tag references in expressions aren't so nice (at startup, at least).

ok, so if the bindings are the same they should just share the same subscription and shouldn't affect load time vs doing it with a property binding.

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