Multiple Tag Providers to the Same Tag Gateway

We are setting up a customer's new site with a tag gateway and a front end Perspective gateway. This question came up: Are we going to get better performance with one remote tag provider connection or multiple connections. I posed this to support and got a non-answer answer. There was a link to setting up remote tag providers (I know how, thanks) and an "I think..." statement. Not useful.

If you consider each remote tag provider a pipe will multiple pipes provider better throughput or will the gateways' performance take a hit because they have to manage multiple pipes? Thanks.

I think you won't get a better answer, as there are many factors that can affect the result. Gateway hardware, network infrastructure (especially any intervening routers), and other workloads on each gateway can all distort the situation.


I think you are probably correct about not getting a better answer. And, honestly, my guess is the overhead in "pipe management" is probably pretty low.