Multiple unretired tags - TE Table

Have run across a couple scenarios recently where a single tag will be un-retired on 2 tag IDs. This doesn’t necessarily seem to be a problem within Ignition itself, but does cause problems downstream. Most queries that reference tag data filter out tags that are retired and that is how we pick up the active tag ID. I suppose we just assumed that was a good way, but if the functionality allows for multiple un-retired tags we may have to rethink our approach. Just wondering what the expected behavior is? We are currently using 8.1.17

See this post

Ok, that is sort of the expectation I had for it and seemed like it was fine in 7.9. Should we expect the same in 8.1, does it work differently? Any known bugs in 8.1? For reference, digging into this a little more, we have 52,692 tagpaths with at least two active tag ids.