Multiple users logged on one client

Hi everyone,

Does anyone created a project with multiple users logged on one client at the same time?

The project includes OEE and I would like to be able to know who was logged during a production run. Also, it would be possible to determine the cost of labor.

I know it is possible develop custom code but I wonder if there is something already done.


We’ve done this. We use native functionality to verify username/password combos, then everything else is homebrew. We have a client dataset tag with all the logged in users. Custom login page, custom login script, custom permission check script, custom logout menu. It’s not trivial, but it’s not especially difficult.

One drawback to this is that it breaks all the native security features. Because of the way we verify users, the system officially thinks the last user who logged in is the only user logged in, even if they have logged out of our homebrew system. So things like getRole() have unexpected behavior, as does any security set from the security panel in the designer.