Multiple Users of same project

I have created a project where our coordinators enter in information based off their shift and department. We have 3 different shifts and 15 different departments so each coordinator selects their shift and department and then enters their numbers for the day. But what we are finding is that if more than one coordinator is using the Entry page I have created for the numbers to be entered, when they select the submit button, the information that is going into our SQL database appears to get “mixed up”. Or if one of the coordinators is in the screen, and another one somewhere else on another workstation is selecting buttons, then the first coordinator can “see” those buttons changing color on his workstation as if he were the one selecting them. I thought that if the same project was being used by multiple people(on different workstations) then this should not be an issue. Is there a way to resolve this?

Bind to client tags instead of gateway tags. Gateway tags are global everyone, so everyone sees the same thing. Client tags are local to the user.

So are you saying put the tags in the client folder of the tag browser instead of being under the default tag folder?

Exactly right. :slight_smile:

so can I just “move” my existing tags or do I have to actually recreate all new tags?

Nevermind… just got my answer…LOL. cannot move them. Not compatible.