Multiple Vision Panels

Hi - I’m looking for an example or description of how to exchange live data between 2 or more vision panels - each operating independently. The ultimate goal is to have a single Ignition station or redundant machines collect data from 13 such Vision panels, but I figure if I can get two to exchange data, the rest should be similar.


On one of my lines I have one “master” Vision PE machine that has the single connection to the PLC. All the other Vision PE installations on the line go to the OPC connection on the master. Any tags created can be browsed to the master’s OPC connection.

Nothing that says you can’t do that with multiple OPC connections

That’s correct. While the panel edition can’t do any database queries, OPC connections are still fair game. You’d want to do any data exchange through that.

OK - Thank you both. Tried this on a system and sure enough no problem - worked great! Tried it on another and got the same success. However, tried it on 4 others and got the following error in the console - Error getting endpoint response from url “opc.tcp://172.1.x.x:49320” (Kepware server). All I had been doing was changing the IP address to point at the PC I needed for each new OPC-UA server connection. So far I have 3 VP that I can get data from. All the VPs are successfully using the OPC server on “localhost” and it looks like firewalls are all set the same…I can connect for file transfer and ping all my stations, so there doesn’t seem to be a problem there…any ideas?


Okay, lets back up a moment. :scratch:

Are all of your OPC connections through KepWare, or is it only the KepWare connections you’re having trouble with?

Are all of the OPC servers UA certified? (Just checking for UA vs DCOM issues)

There may have been another one rattling around in my head, but I can’t think of it. :unamused:

Each Vision Panel has a Kepware (and only the Kepware) OPC server. Each one is working perfectly fine (as far as I can tell) within it’s own localhost environment communicating with all the PLCs within their own cell. All of these are running on identical computers. I am now setting up a plantwide scada system using Ignition to pull data from each VP.

I have checked various firewall, Ignition and Kepware settings to find the one difference between a system that is working and one that is not, but so far have come up empty - even though I’m sure it’s a setting somewhere that needs changing.

What is the Endpoint Address set to on the Vision Panel clients? This setting is located in the OPC-UA Settings area in the Configuration section of the Ignition Gateway page. Make sure that it is set to the actual IP address of the machine and not localhost.

Thanks for the reply - I checked 3 of the machines that I couldn’t connect to and the Endpoint address is set as the IP address and not localhost.

Can you export your system console log (Configuration Page -> Console -> Export Logs) from one of the machines having trouble connecting? I’ll take a look and see if anything seems out of sort.