Multiple VM sessions starting

Hey Guys, I’ve been having a weird issue hoping someone can help out.

My mobile client works fine but I have one annoying issue with it and it doesn’t happen all the time, when client is lunched from a mobile device or even from a laptop(using mobile address) on the console it shows multiple VM creator starting 1 new VM client(s). I just want to know if anyone else has had anything like this happen before?
I’ve been in touch with Inductive automation support and we haven’t been able to solve it just yet so I figured I reach out to you guys and see if you have seen anything like this before.

I know in previous version of Ignition there was a “idle VMs” in the mobile settings meaning multiple sessions would open and the extra ones would sit there and wait for a connection request from a mobile device but I’m using 7.8.2 with mobile module 3.8.2 (b2016030813) and support has told me in that version the idle vm option is gone so basically for one client request only one client should open.

We also went as far as putting Java.exe to low risk in the antivirus scanner on the server thinking maybe scanner was preventing session
from initiating correctly but that didn’t seem to fix anything.

next step is to try to upgrade to 7.8.3 with java also being upgraded to from 1.8.0_45 to 1.8.0_101 and gateway has 4gb of RAM and we are using MacAfee on the server.
I’d appreciate if anyone has any ideas.