Multiple X axis chart

Hi all,
I'm trying to build this chart with two categories in X axis. This is my data looks like in SQL

Is it possible to create a chart like this (this was made in Excel)

Are you working in Vision, Perspective, or the Reporting module?

Sorry I should've mentioned: it's Vision module

I'm guessing this is not doable in Vision?

It's probably possible via the configureChart extension function, but I don't have any examples at hand nor the time to figure it out, unfortunately. Someone else may be willing to volunteer their time. I'd suggest searching this forum "Jfreechart" to get a starting point. You probably want to supply a custom renderer for the chart items.

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Just taking a quick look at this, it looks like it would be fairly trivial to do with a classic chart. The chart barked at me a bit as I was modifying its configuration, but once everything was changed over, it worked.

1. Start by changing the chart type to a category chart:
2. Right click on the chart and select "Chart Customizer"
3. Hit the plus icon in the upper right corner of the Datasets tab, and add a second dataset for the secondary x-axis:
4. Switch to the X-Axes tab and create a new category axis by clicking on the "+" icon in the bottom left corner of the customizer:
5. Use the "X button to delete the Default X Axis, and recreate it as a category axis
6 Configure the label orientations of the two x axes:
7. Okay the changes that have been made so far, and add the desired secondary labels to the second dataset
8. Switch to the Dataset Properties tab, and assign the second dataset's X Axis property to the second dataset: Set both datasets Renderer properties to "Category Bar Renderer"