Multipule layers (aka visio)

It would be really nice if we could create different layers (named) and display said layers depending on what the user is doing or even what user is logged in.

Hmm…interesting. We have a vague idea for expanding the types of containers that we offer, for example: a scrollable container and a true tabbed container. I think a ‘layered’ container would be an interesting idea. The neat thing about this idea is that for containers where visibility is toggled, the invisible containers would be shut-down much like a closed window, as opposed to the current container which keeps all of its bindings active even when its invisible.

Thanks for the idea, we’ll keep it in mind when we get there.

Other ideas:
Change the transparency on a layer.
Disable the layer - causes the layer to be grayed out

What happened to this idea? :sleeping:

Well, nothing. The advent of templates makes the layering concept that shuts down bindings pretty easy to implement on your own - just have each layer be a template and have the templates load or not based on whether you want that layer visible.

True story. We implement layering all over our HMIs. If our ELOs could do multitouch our UIs would be like iOS and Android. We have so much depth since we switched from Factory Talk 3 years ago.