MultiState Indicator Variable in Text Property

Is there a way to add a custom variable in the text portion of a multi-state indicator?

For example:

<html><center>myVar<br><center>Cycle Stop

Where myVar would be tied to a custom property

Sure. By default, the Multi State Indicator uses the Style Customizer to set up the different states. If you look into the advanced component properties (you may need to change the property editor’s filtering settings) you should see a Styles dataset property. That dataset defines the different styles on the component:

To make one of the styles dynamic, you can use a Cell Update Binding on the styles dataset itself:

If you need to do something more complicated than a direct lookup, then you’ll need to a custom property with an expression binding (which will read in your custom property, and add the HTML and other formatting you want) and then in the cell update binding, just reference that custom property directly.

Ok, that’s pretty cool.
I’m not able to change the “Module” custom property with this setup… I’ m sure I’m missing something obvious…