Musson Industrial’s Embr-Charts Module


Musson Industrial is excited to announce the release of embr-charts, an Ignition module that adds a collection of enhanced Perspective charting components.

Chart.js Component

This initial release contains a Chart.js component.

Chart.js renders chart elements on an HTML5 canvas unlike other D3.js-based charting libraries that render as SVG. Canvas rendering makes Chart.js very performant, especially for large datasets and complex visualizations that would otherwise require thousands of SVG nodes in the DOM tree.

The following video demonstrates the performance of panning and zooming through 100,000 data points:

The Chart.js component supports the following chart types:

  1. bar
  2. boxplot
  3. bubble
  4. dendrogram
  5. doughnut
  6. euler
  7. forceDirectedGraph
  8. funnel
  9. graph
  10. line
  11. matrix
  12. pcp
  13. pie
  14. polarArea
  15. radar
  16. scatter
  17. sankey
  18. tree
  19. treemap
  20. venn
  21. violin
  22. wordCloud

Details on how to configure the component can be found on the Chart.js documentation site.
All configurations supported by Chart.js are supported on the Perspective component.

Notable Features

  • CSS Custom Properties
    • The Perspective component supports CSS Custom Properties for all property values.
  • Scriptable Options
    • Chart.js scriptable options are supported.
    • Any component property value containing an arrow function () => statement will be converted into a JavaScript function that is called at render-time.
  • Plugin Support
    • Several of the most feature-rich community plugins are included.


Full documentation and the latest release is available here.


If you benefit from this module for commercial use, we ask you to consider sponsoring our efforts through GitHub sponsors. Your support will allow us to continue development of open-source modules and tools that benefit the entire community (plus there are some bonuses for sponsors :slightly_smiling_face:).