Mutiple Panel Editions to one OPC Server

Okay, here’s my unfortunate scenario.

I have a SLC 5/05 with five- count 'em, five, PanelView Plus HMIs connected, along with three vision systems. Needless to say, the comms are really slow if you are trying to, say, monitor the ladder logic. Especially with all the overhead from the PV+.

So my thinking is this. If I replace all the PV+ with small Touchpanel PC’s w/ Panel Edition and am able to connect the vision modules to one OPC server, it would greatly relieve my comms issue.

Or am I stuck because each install has to be on the local machine?

That scenario was one of the exact reasons we offer the Panel Edition. You can certainly pipe any number of Panel Edition installations through a single OPC-UA (or OPC-DA, but why do that?) server to alleviate comms overload.

I was pretty sure I could, but it never hurts to ask!
Thanks, Carl!