My first anniversary, the experience so far

Hehe its been a year already?
So much i have learned, yet so much still to do, it felt like i started just yesterday.

I had a very broad education, dabbeling in to c,c++,c#, java, python, sql… but mostly the web langagues and frameworks: javascript, html, css, react, anglur, vue, php, laravel… ( and some IoT like arduino)
Yet still when i first entered my first job and had to learn Ignition and perspetive it was quite new to me. As i had never really done anything related to industries.

The first couple of days i watchted the great videos. (yes just a couple of days, i play videos on double speed and skipped a bunch of stuff)
And then i got some small tasks to test out the platform. I never did the tests or get the certificate or something though. But i learn fast, so i soon got some real tasks.

Anyways i liked perspective, the design was pretty easy, i had no problem with Jython. Styling was easy with my (mostly) web background, altho i was missing a whole bunch of css… That i when i was playing around a bit, and found the css injection trick, which everyone by now probably have already seen me explain xD
I also soon started to lend my aid in the forum, which also alowed me to learn a lot too.

My boss soon found out i have a nack for finding (weird) solutions for the ‘impossible’. So i kept getting the ‘odd jobs’, which soon let me to the path of making perspective modules.

This was quite a bigger challenge, while there are a bunch of docs and an example, there still isnt a lot to watch. As unfortunaly (but understandable) the base components are not opensource. So i showered the forum for help ( Special thanks to @PGriffith who set me on the path the most, with my weird questions xD).
My practices might not be the cleanest, and i do many workarounds. But i got things done^^

Its been a fun ride, i still have lots to learn.
The community is great! Lots of help on the forums!
Hope i get to keep doing this for a while!

Kind regards,


Glad to have you aboard, Victor.


You’ve been a rock star, Victor. All the more for the short exposure time.

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Yikes, i feel like you have forgotten more css than i have ever known =x

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I definitely noticed you replying to a lot of my oddball perspective things recently, this explains it! Welcome aboard.

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Taught me a thing or two along the way as well! Glad to have you here.

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Thanks everyone :blush:
Lets continue to learn from eachother :slight_smile: