My tag value to change at specific time

I am using Ignition Edge and I have script at client event tag change.
This script will run when my tag value change to “1”.
The tag is an expression type tag with expression below.
I will change value to “1” at that specific time and my script at client event will execute.

timeBetween(dateFormat(now(),“h:mm:ss a”),“06:00:01 am”,“06:00:02 am”)

However, I do have one problem here, whereby if someone intentionally or accidentally close the Ignition Client at 06:00am - 06:05am, and only turn it back on at 06:30am, then I may missed out to run my script at Client Event Tag.

Anyone have any suggestion for me ?

This kind of thing must be done in a gateway-side script, not client-side. Which means you also must have the edge compute module, then you can run it in a gateway timer script