MySQL and Ignition Date and Time mismatch

Hi Friends,

We’re using Inition 7.9.10 and MySQL 8.0.13. When we do the following query:


We have different results in ignition and MySQL (Ignition is 1 hour behind). MySQL show the same time that the server.

Trying to understand what is going on, we kwow that MySQL uses the system time zone (SELECT @@session.time_zone) and so is ignition.

Do you guys have any clue about it?

Thanks in advance.

Im having issues with 8.0 with java timestamps. Yesterday they were 5 hours behind when writing to tags or an SQL database. If I printed the timestamp, it was correct, if I used it to write to the database or tag it was wrong. Something is really wrong with datetime data types in 8.0.


Do you have the same results with MySQL 5.7? I can’t do that test because my ignition is under a productive environment.



In the connection definition, We added the following configuration:


I don’t like this solution but it’s working for now.


I have the same issue. Where exactly did you put the servertimezone=UTIC-4. I don’t see it…

When you’re configuring the MySQL connection you have to add it:

You have to replace the “#######” by “servertimezone=UTIC-4”

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