MySQL Backup


‘We’ build multiple version of the same machine which uses ignition and mysql. I keep one machine for development.

Uploading the ignition ‘program’ to the new machine is easy (import,export) etc but the authentication ignition uses my db. So logging in becomes an issue.

The development machine has the DB already set up for users and passwords etc.

What’s the best way of creating a backup/copy of this DB/Schema that can be easily uploaded to the new machine?


It will probably be easier to have a failover profile setup in Ignition so you can still login. If you can’t authenticate against the database you can failover to an internal profile.

If you want to move the database from one machine to another it is easiest to just make a backup of those tables using the MySQL Workbench. It will create a .sql file that you can easily import into another database. The workbench will allow you to connect to both databases in the same program, making it easy to move from one to another.

Is there a step by step process for moving the MySQL historical database. I’ve decided I need to move MySQL off of the same server ignition is running on to free up system resources but I don’t want o lose historical data

You should be able to set up replication with the new DB as a temporary slave. After it gets in sync, shut down Ignition, let the last bit sync up, shut down the MySQL master, and promote the slave to master. Restart Ignition and change the DB connection (which will be broken by the old master shutdown) to point to the new master.