MySQL Cloud databases?

We currently have MySQL with a few schemas running on Gateway server and we are thinking about possibly using hosted MySQL through Rackspace to lighten the load on our Ignition server and to have scalablilty for the future. Just curious if anyone has tried this and what are some benefits/set backs to this architecture? Thanks

Generally if you’re just using the SQL server to store historical data, then there shouldn’t be a problem. However, if you’re using the database to retrieve and store values then you may run into issues.

Consider storing an authentication profile on a remote server: this makes the users list accessible and usable across a large or distributed system, but you also run the risk of not having the ability to log in if your connection to Rack Space were to be interrupted. Also you’re obviously looking at increased latency on anything talking to the database, figure about 100-300ms. This might not sound like a lot but on average a user will notice slowdowns or interactions that lag by approximately 200ms or greater.

Currently our Ignition Server is virtualized externally (rackspace) and it is running MySQL on it. So in theory would this (hosted SQL) be the same as if MySQL were just running on another dedicated server outside of the Ignition gateway? (hosted or not) Is it a best practice to run MySQL on the Ignition server or on a dedicated system? Currently we are running fine with the two on same server we’re just trying to make sure we are scalable and didn’t want to bog down this server with MySQL if it can work this way.

In that case I’d say you’re fine. I often run separate Ignition and MySQL instances under AWS without any issues. Sounds like your scenario is very similar.

ok. from speaking to Rackspace about their cloud database option; they say that we won’t have root privileges and that we can’t edit the .cnf file. Would this cause an issue?

Check this post.