MySQL Column Insert

This is a simple feature for the ignition designer that could save a lot of debugging time for when people get into the messy area of database management. Basically what it is, is in the script editor, you simply add a button (under/ near the button on the right that lets you insert a component variable path or a tag) that would insert a MySQL column path. You would use this by preparing a MySQL query, and when it comes to where you need a column name, you click the button and select your desired column through a GUI interface. This would prevent spelling errors and those tedious references to the wrong columns with similar names (e.g. idContact and ContactID) and save time cross referencing the script editor with a database viewer to make sure you’re using the right column and/ or spelling.

If anyone has opinions or thoughts on this please let me know. I make this suggestion because me and a coworker spent a good couple hours debugging a query, when the only thing wrong with it was that the column name was the path to the wrong column (which is understandable because they were all very similar).

  • Nic