Mysql connection error with the gateway

What is the source of following error message ?

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES))

Access denied looks pretty clear to me. Your user name and password for the connection don’t match what MySQL has configured.


Until now I don’t sort out the issue, my SQL password and admin is the same with my ignition gateway Config  Database-Database Connections password and admin ,any one assist me with step by step solution ?

Can you login to mySQL using workbench with the same root username and password?

Note that MySQL can and usually does enforce different passwords based on the origin of the connection. Note in your error that the refused connection is for root@localhost. That’s a different “user” than when connecting as “root” from a different machine. (And you probably shouldn’t be connecting as a root user, anyways.)

yes I have the same user name and password with my gateway data base config

Are you working directly on the server? The error is Ignition failing to connect to the database on the same server (localhost). If you are testing your connection from another computer, the password lookup is probably “root@%”. That’s a different user from “root@localhost” in MySQL. Look in your DB’s privilege table.

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yes I am working on the same server. my DB current status of users and privileges table is attached

Hmm. MySQL 8.0. Have you verified you are using the right JDBC driver?

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It is working…
Thank you very much and have a nice holiday!

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Please help me to fix this issue.


Your screenshot is unreadable. Please copy the complete text of the error and paste into a comment as text. Then highlight what you’ve pasted and use the “preformat” button (this: </> ) to box it neatly.

@ahad99.shalwani It seems that you are trying to read/write on a database that doesn’t exists. On the error you can see that it says:

Caused by: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown database 'test'

So be sure that the database called test does exist.

Problem resolved thanks pturmel and federick.