MySQL db running outside of gateway

Has anyone tried running MySQL outside of the Ignition gateway? I’m curious to know what the drawbacks are of running MySQL on another server or in a hosted environment.
We want to be scalable to run multiple projects and I can see how having several schemas with several projects all on the same Ignition gateway could get to be a difficult task to manage. Thanks in advance for your input.

Most of our customers use a database that is on a different machine. We recommend that so the database can use dedicated machine resources. There aren’t any drawbacks.

After speaking more with Rackspace about the “cloud database” option; we won’t have root priviliges to the DB and won’t be able to edit the .cnf file. Would this be a problem?

I don’t think so. Ignition needs full privileges on the database to create tables, query, insert, update, and delete. As long as you have that it should be fine.