MySQL Driver, Docs Link Broken

This is a funny one:

The link here (

Redirects to here...

Is there a particular reason you are using MySQL instead of MariaDB? (The latter is far better supported.)

It's not just that link, it's every "permalink" we embed into the software which we use to indirect from URLs inside the product to e.g. pages on the user manual which might get different canonical URLs.

Every single permalink seems to be incorrectly pointing at that brand guidelines page. The right people have been notified.

This should be fixed now, though a local browser cache reset may be necessary.

We're connecting to an existing MySQL database :man_shrugging: (if it was a new install it'd be Postgres).

I see the MariaDB driver is also compatible with MySQL; are there any differences between the drivers I should know about?

Only that you should not use the MySQL driver with MariaDB, as MariaDB has features that couldn't be used, IIRC.

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