MySQL History On Change Float and INT are different

Has anybody noticed that Float History On change is different from INT.
I have both Float tag and INT tag configured history to the same remote database, both are on change. The change thing is, when I change INT tag value, Database record the change right away; when made a value change to Float, it does not record the value to the database until to make other change.
So INT record current value, Float record last value when you make a change.
Why does Ignition History act this way? I even changed Dead band to very big number, the result is the same.

That is expected behavior when deadband style is "Auto". Auto selects "Analog" for floats, and "Discrete" for everything else.

Deadband style "analog" is documented to hold onto samples to apply the trend line algorithm. Which then records the last change prior to a trend line deviation greater than deadband. Anyways, RTFM.

That explain everything.
I was wondering what's difference between Digital and Analog in Deadband Style; now I know the purpose of it.