MySQL JDBC driver 5.1 can not be installed - Missing required files

I tried to install the latest V5 MySQL JDBC driver 5.1.47. After clicking ‘save changes’ there is a message Successfully updated JDBC Driver "MySQL" but the status shows ‘Missing required files’.
In the gateway, the only entry is Reloading JDBC classloader.

The newer driver 8.0.15 installs without problems, so maybe V5.1 is simply to old, but i would expect some kind of error message.

Gateway version is b2019040102 on Debian Linux.

Make sure the classname of the driver is correct - 5.1 is old enough that it might use a different classname.

The ‘Missing required files’ message is a bit misleading; basically it just means “we tried to find this classname in all the JDBC driver jar files, and couldn’t” - which typically means you don’t have the required files (ie, MySQL or Oracle on a default 8.0 install) but could mean the classname is wrong. There’s an open ticket to amend the message to be more clear, but it’s fairly low priority.

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Thank you, that was the solution. For reference:
Connector/J 5.1 uses com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
Connector/J 8 uses com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver

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